Oh I’m just a girl


I have no idea what to say in my first blog post, good start Carly. I’m just getting to grips with this whole blog stuff. I’m thinking this will be like a diary, I don’t have a specific area I want to write about, I’m just hoping things will just come to me and maybe in the future I may fall into a ‘category’. 

I did have another blog but the motivation wasn’t there and the blog just looked a bit sad. No one wants a sad blog do they? The one where there’s about four posts in the space of two years. I started it when I was 20 and now I’m 23.  I believe I’m now ready to give it a proper go.

Reading that back I sound a bit dreary, honestly I’m not! I am secretly a very loud person (people that don’t know me think I’m shy and quiet – yeah that’s a bit of an act). I open up a lot more once I get close to people. I hope that will start to show through once I dip my toes in a little further. 

My aim is to document as much as possible, literally wherever the mood takes me. I’ve got a few trips planned for this year so hope to share some of that with you, also I’m in the process of making my own sewing line! 

Yeah, so watch this space.

C x 

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