She sewed my new blue jeans


From the title you’re probably a bit confused what you’ve actually click on, it’s alright I’ll fill you. For my 23rd birthday I got a sewing machine. For years I’ve been lucky enough to use my mums, 1970’s, mustard yellow one, but I sort of broke it…she doesn’t know this and it wasn’t really my fault, plastic can get very brittle after years of use. The extension table sort of snapped off…oops.

I now own a Singer Promise 1408 (the number makes it sound like a flashy sports car – I wish!)

I’ll be honest its still in the box and has been since January. I somehow managed to make myself very busy over the last month but now March has sprung, I am in the mood to get on and make something. I hope to be able to document mini projects on here. I’m currently crushing over some gorgeous velvet fabric, in that really nice shade of pink – perfect for a pair of curtains.


C x

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