I’ll take the West train, just by the side of Amsterdam

Oh yeah, love me some Dam! I got to visit again this year, my third trip and it didn’t disappoint. There is something about Amsterdam that I really connect with. There is a really relaxed vibe about the place. I really enjoy the cute indie shops, cafe’s and museums (cat lovers take yourself to Katten Kabinet, yeah thank me later).


I stayed in Hotel Vondel, a small boutique hotel west side of Amsterdam. For me the hotel, is an important part of the break away, so I always like to look around the more quirky ones. I would definitely recommend, first off the beds are like fluffy marshmallow clouds of loveliness, I mean doesn’t that just sell it to you straight away? What more could you want than a really good bed. No but really, the rooms are spacious and not a spot of dust (good for a clean freak like myself). Oh my gosh I just remembered the shower, it was one of those rainfall ones, I’m not really sure if they’re ‘old news’ now but this was a real luxury for me!

Really enjoyed the burbury-esk throw

The other two times I planned places I wanted to visit – this time I knew I just wanted to leisurely walk the canals and see what I stumble upon along the way. Even though the weather wasn’t blue skies, it wasn’t minus 10 degrees either, so perfect exploring weather!

As a round up of Amsterdam on all three visits, the Ann Frank House is something I’d highly recommend, a real thought provoking experience of an intriguing life story and well worth the visit (book the morning slot, it can get very busy!) Another place would be Stedelijk Museum, a huge architectural building (looks like a bath tub) full of modern art and eccentric installations, a great place if you’re looking for an easy relaxed day out.

I can see myself visiting again, but I do need to mix it up a bit, Berlin is very high up on my list!


C x


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