Your songs remind me of swimming


I’m back with another personal one from me, on the topic of swimming. I can’t swim okay, I said it. When I tell people this I kinda judge myself straight away and think I really should be able to. I always get the ‘didn’t you learn at school?’ and my excuse for that is I moved schools half way through primary and missed it! Yes no excuse really.

For ages I wished I had learnt when I was younger, I think as time had gone on I feared it a lot more, especially the thought of going under water made me feel a we bit queasy.

However last week, I had my first ever swimming lesson and guess what…I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I think this was due to a mixture of things, my swimming instructor automatically put me at ease, I got to wear my bright pink goggles (seeing everything through a pink tint is amazing) and the water was nice and warm so it was just like having a bath really.

I have a goal to learn by the end of May (for a holiday I may have booked). You’re probably thinking ‘pfft that is plenty of time’ but when you’re as rubbish as myself, you need all the time you can possibly fit into the next three months. But I can do it. I keep telling myself this and after my first lesson I actually feel optimist about it happening. Also I’ve told myself if I can swim by the holiday comes around, this will be purchased as my reward.

C x

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