Gin and Juice


Before I start, I want to start dedicating posts ‘what I’d tell my younger self’, I feel these could give advice to people, I like to help if I can, or show someone ‘this is normal’, ‘don’t worry you’re not alone’ etc etc.

Today is about my experience of drinking (the alcoholic kind) and what I’d like to tell my younger self. Yes I know I’m only 23 and still learning about life, but I have gone through my teenage years and for the topic of drinking, I feel this fits in well.

Pressure! Yes that’s it, you go to that house party and you’d be fine with a coke but obviously you get handed the closest bottle of whatever and you’re expected to drink it. Ha, yes this was my first experience. Me and alcohol probably could of got off to a better start if it wasn’t for a bottle of Lambrini (insert poke face here). Obviously I sat there drinking it going ‘mmm yeah, good stuff this is’ when in my head I was trying to find the closest plant pot to pour it in!

So as you may be able to tell this didn’t get me off to the best start, luckily a friend saved me from the situation and brought me a good ol’ Smirnoff Ice (fancy lemonade). I’ll be honest this was my go-to drink for most of my teens as I knew my limit on these. Firstly, I don’t like feeling sick. I’ll do anything humanly possible so I’m not sick. Secondly I’ve seen first hand how alcohol can affect someone and I think it’s these two things thats made me very cautious about alcohol.

Now days I’m open to pretty much anything, I especially like making my own cocktails! I have had a few regrettable times on drinking, but I’ve definitely learnt from these – never touching Prosecco again haha. So just don’t worry, let people judge all they like, just think about yourself 🙂

So what I would tell my younger self – you don’t need to drink to have a good time*!



C x

*Unless you get the job of looking after your mates, not fun!


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