All Summer Long

So, as the title says, I’ve been away all summer long. Well what I really mean is I haven’t posted anything for a while. Actually – I haven’t posted since April. Good going Carly, good going…

I sit here, on a Sunday evening, listening to good ol’ Liam Gallagher at Reading and am in the mood to type something. I have a few blog posts planned, I just need to sort through the photos I have for them. There are some bloody good ones if I do say so myself.

Oh also, did you like my ‘You’re not everyones cup of tea?’ post? I enjoyed writing that one.

Rewinding back to May this year I visited Barbados and a few of the Caribbean islands. Lets just say me and Barbados had a real good thing, something about that place felt like home. This is a big statement for me as I’m quite a home body, but for some reason it was like a bit of me has always been there and when I was there that got reignited. God this sounds a bit cringe but its true. I love you Barbados, when I get together the pennies again I’ll be back.

July I visited Italy with my parents and aunt, it was to celebrate my Mum’s special birthday. It was really nice to spend a holiday with my auntie. It’s always been just me, mum and dad but my aunt added a new dimension! I’m not one to sunbathe by the pool but reading glossy magazines and sipping Italian coffee while having a good old natter with my auntie was pretty cool! Whilst drinking all the coffee, I also got in a couple of excursions in – Verona and Lake Garda and also the Dolomites. Just wait for the pics.

And in-between all this I’ve learnt to swim properly and also picked up the guitar again.

Muse are about to start on iPlayer so I’ll leave it there for tonight. As I said earlier there will be some really cool posts coming up. So stay tuned and speak in a little while (I promise this time).

C x

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